Coaching, Consulting, and Cognitive Liberty


Emily Sheera Cutler

I am passionate about the cause of cognitive liberty - the right of each individual to alter their consciousness however they choose and to not have their consciousness altered against their will. I am a strong critic of coercive mental health care as well as the pathologization of difference and distress. Through my work, I hope to provide individuals, groups, and communities with the tools and frameworks to support one another through crisis in a way that preserves the civil liberties, freedom, and dignity of everyone involved.

Currently, I am a PhD student at the University of South Florida and the School of Behavioral and Community Sciences' Presidential Doctoral Fellow. My research interests include involuntary psychiatric hospitalization, the role of adverse childhood experiences in mental health, mad studies, and neurodiversity.

Additionally, I work as an assistant editor at the critical psychiatry web magazine Mad in America, which publishes research findings, blogs, and personal stories that speak to the need for change in the mental health system. I believe that both healing and social change can come from writing, and that the written word has an enormous potential to connect us with one another.

"Instead of asking, 'What’s wrong with you?” our system should be asking, 'What happened to you?'; instead of asking, 'How can I fix you?' our system should be asking, 'How can I make sure you exist in an environment that is inclusive, accepting and that embraces you for all that makes you unique?'”