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The Fuck do I Do?

I'll probably help you figure out how to bring cognitive liberty stuff into your organization. If you want eCPR, I can do that too. I have many good words to say about these topics.

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Who the fuck am I?

I got hospitalized once when I didn't want to be. I was sad. Then it happened again, and I was angry. Now people like you pay me to tell you how angry I am. Don't you want to find out?

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You Wanna Fucking Hire Me?

The meat and potatoes. I go to a bunch of places and conference and universities and tell people how angry I am. Did you not read the last paragraph?

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"I would like to be there to tell people, 'You are not sick. You are not ill. You are fine just the way you are. Whatever response you are having to trauma is okay. Whatever sensitivities you have are okay. Whatever voices you hear are okay. You don’t need to be fixed.'"


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Yep. That's a picture of a building alright. Looks pretty smooth, don't it?

The photography, not  the literal bricks.

Those bricks look like they would mess up your hands if you tried to stroke them.

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