#21 - Your Name: Is This Podcast a Dream, Too?

Have you ever woken up from a dream and not been able to figure out if you are still dreaming or not? That feeling of questioning whether you exist in the same reality as everyone else, or whether anything you do actually matters, is central to a lot of experiences of madness. And now there’s an entire movie dedicated to that exact feeling!

#16 - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: Resisting Mandatory Usefulness (Feat. Cal Montgomery)

This is NOT a “stop watching Rudolph” show. But far too often we let kids’ entertainment get away with spreading terrible messages as long as they can bring it all into a happy ending. And Rudolph feels happy, right? But that’s not how bullying works in the real world. So we asked legendary disabled activist Cal Montgomery to help talk us through the ways we teach our bullied and disabled kids the least helpful messages

#11 - Whiplash: The Myth of the Mad Genius

What’s more valuable to you - happiness, or success? That’s what director Damien Chazelle seems to be asking the audience. If you are successful, does that somehow justify going mad? If you choose not to even try for success, is that some sort of creeping madness in its own right?

#7 - Passengers: Anti-Capitalism.... IN SPACE

What would you do if you were destined to live your life out alone, confined to a space ship, for the next 90 years? You’d probably go a little mad. On this podcast, Andy and Emily explore that very question through the film Passengers. They also debate whether Passengers is secretly anti-capitalist or just a plain old romance in space. Let us know whose side you’re on!