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I am an experienced speaker and trainer on a variety of topics focused on the subject of rights-based approaches to mental health. I am passionate about giving groups and individuals the tools, techniques, and paradigms they need to support one another through distress and crisis while also preserving each other's liberty and freedom of expression.

I have trained individuals, groups, and organizations on topics including social justice oriented approaches to mental health, trauma-informed and context-informed care, Mad Pride, neurodiversity, disability justice, cognitive liberty, coercive psychiatric treatment, and non-coercive approaches to suicide prevention.

I myself am a victim of involuntary commitment, and my presentations often touch upon my personal experience with psychiatric coercion. I am also a proud Mad, neurodivergent woman and can speak to my experiences with these identities.

Additionally, I serve as an editor at the critical psychiatry web magazine Mad in America, where I have worked with individuals in writing about their personal experiences with mental health treatment. My presentations sometimes include training on how to write and share your personal mental health journey.

Some of my previous presentations and trainings include:

  • Introduction to Cognitive Liberty: A Human Rights Approach to Mental Health
  • Introduction to Mad Pride
  • An Overview of Forced Psychiatric Treatment
  • Emotional CPR: A Non-Coercive Approach to Suicide Prevention
  • Healing, Sharing, and Advocating Through Memoir Writing
  • How Not to Recover: Alternatives to Mental Health in a Neurodiverse Society

If you would like to book any of the above trainings or any other presentation, please contact me at