Through my training as a certified Emotional CPR practitioner, and as a Mad and neurodivergent person, I provide non-coercive, neurodivergence affirming, disability affirming, and LGBTQ affirming peer support. Some of the topics that I address in my coaching services include:

  • Coping with sanism, ableism, queer-antagonism, transphobia, and other forms of marginalization

  • Healing from abusive or negative experiences with the mental health system, such as involuntary commitment and coercive care

  • Embracing your Mad, neurodivergent, and/or disabled identity in a sanist, ableist society

  • Navigating dating, relationships, the workplace, and school as a Mad or neurodivergent person

I am also working toward a Certificate in Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling. I am happy to provide substance use or addiction coaching, including alternative approaches such as harm reduction.

Coaching can be conducted virtually or in person.


Training and Consultancy

I provide training and consultancy on a variety of topics, including:

  • Mad Pride

  • Neurodiversity

  • Cognitive Liberty

  • Coercive care and involuntary commitment

  • Context-informed and trauma-informed care

I am also a certified trainer in Emotional CPR, a non-coercive, non-pathologizing approach to assisting others through emotional crises. I can provide a one-hour introductory training or a full two-day training.

Additionally, I have a background in creative writing and provide training on how to most effectively share your personal mental health story.

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